• About our range

    Evtec Care offers a core selection of advanced car cleaning products, priced sensibly because we believe everyone should have access to premium quality car cleaning products

  • Made in Britain

    Based in the heart of the British automotive industry, with decades of experience in the sector.

  • We use better plastic

    Making sure the plastic we use is durable, light and largely recycled and recyclable.

  • Looking forward

    Constantly developing the quality of the products and packaging.

Why choose Evtec Care?

Comprehensive range

Evtec Care was born out of a desire to launch a range of high performing cleaning products. Advanced cleaning formula made up of nine individual products.

Premium products, competitive price

Despite a crowded market dominated by premium brands with high price tags, Evtec Care aims to offer competitive prices for its premium products. By doing so, we hope to attract a broader customer base that values quality products.


We’re committed to sustainability, and our packaging reflects that. Our bottles are largely recyclable, and we’re actively searching for newer packaging solutions for our caps and triggers to create our goal of 100% recycled, recyclable bottle and cap. We’re dedicated to continuously improve our sustainability practices.

Expanding range

Our journey towards providing a suite of cleaning products has begun with Evtec Care. We are developing products which go beyond just car care. Watch this space…

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